Things We Hear

Things we have heard from potential and past clients over the years.

I took over 100 photos at the event and nothing happened!

Sadly we hear this from a client about once per year. Upon asking more questions we find out the client took lots of pictures and then had the photos sitting on a memory card in their desk drawer. They were never used in social media, trade shows, newsletter or anywhere. They were merely sitting in a desk drawer. 

My customers aren’t influenced by celebrities! 

The research is almost unanimous when it comes to social influence.  If your customer watches television or movies they have an extremely high chance of being influenced. If they liked a character in a show, or better yet, have a favorite show, then they are virtually 100% likely to be influenced.  If your customer lives in a cave and doesn’t watch television, movies, read magazines or browse the Internet, you are probably safe in this assumption.

I gave away 200 products and got nothing! 

This is what we often hear from brands at other gift suites. It is how we get so many brands to switch from other companies to Placement Directory events without losing any to our competitors.  Most gift suite companies ask for tons of products to be given away with no requirement for a picture. This means you can give away everything and leave with few photos. 

My products are so valuable you should put us in your event for free!

We would love to do this for brands but we also have bills to pay.  Would you tell FedEx that you are shipping something really expensive so they should ship it for free? 

I don’t like celebrities!

We completely understand. We like most of them but not all. Selling is about what you customer likes and less about your own tastes. There are several shows you may dislike but they have a huge following. Those are potential customers.


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