Managing a Gift Suite

A gift suite usually only lasts for a day or two. During that time, your goal should be to capture as much material as possible for several months of marketing. 

Create a Presentation Outline

Nobody likes to do this step. The typical response is to say “I know my product and can talk about it for hours so I’ll just wing it.”  The hard reality is you have a long list of things to accomplish with a celebrity who may be in front of you for only a few minutes. Start by making a list of what is most important and then go down the list to cover all of your goals. In many cases, you will run out of time before reaching all of these items so make sure you have your order correct. Here is a typical list from a successful brand in order of importance:

  1. Picture
  2. 30 second product explaination
  3. Upsell for social media post
  4. Obtain celeb quote
  5. Brand ambassador pitch
  6. Video

Practice the Presentation

We often hear how brands will take five to ten celebrities through their booth before they find a good rhythm. That translates to 10-20% of your celebrities will pass you by before you get it right. There is an easy solution:  Practice.  Just have a friend or colleague act as a celebrity and practice your pitch. It may feel a bit awkward but you will get it down fast and maximize your results at the Suite. 

Make Notes Constantly 

Every time a celebrity leaves our booth, make notes. Did they like a particular product more than others? Did they want something extra shipped to their home? Should you follow-up with them about something discussed?  These notes are valuable so do not miss the chance to write them down.  

Do not Stress About Knowing Celebrities Names and Shows 

During an event, many celebrities will come to your booth who you do not recognize. The VIP host will introduce them and talk about their show. Just be polite and go through your pitch. After the event you will get a summary with pictures of each celebrity, their names and shows. 


If you succeeded in planning, your day should go pretty smoothly.  There are always problems, but you can get through it. Remember, the event is all about getting photos, quotes, notes and videos.  The real marketing work does not start until the event is over.

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