Post Gift Suite Work

Now the work begins and your return on investment can be realized.  Patience, structure and timing are the three elements to success. 

Get Organized

Take a day or two to get all of your pictures together with celebrity quotes and videos. Look though your notes and add important dates and follow-up tasks to your calendar. You have time so don’t jump all over your social media and post 100 photos in an hour.  You will need time to make a plan. Over the next few days, you should get a summary document from us with names, pictures and info on each celebrity who attended the event. This will be helpful as you get more organized.

Image Preparation

The pictures you have are only a starting point. You can crop them as necessary but the most important editing is done by combining the photos with a movie poster.  The eye of the viewer on social media will first be drawn to the movie poster, then to your picture from the event. The viewer will then read the text component of your post and hopefully click on your brand’s link to learn more about your product. 

Make a Schedule for Photo Releases 

A good pace to release these photos is about two posts per week as a baseline. Post more if a celebrity wins an award or is in the news. At that time you can release a special post as they may be searched on social media and this could bring more attention to your brand.   The pictures from one event should last you for six months.

Tagging and Hashtagging 

Posting a pic on your website will boost your image with your existing fan base, but that is little more than preaching to the choir. What you need are fans of the celebrity and fans of his/her show to become fans of your brand. To do this you need to appear in search results when people search for either the celebrity or the show.  Make sure your post includes the social media name of the celebrity and the show along with popular hashtags.  For example, a good description for the image above would be: @dianeguerrero_ and Penny stopped by to try some #gazpacho.  Our gazpacho is delicious (unlike the prison food on Orange is the New Black @oitnb) #DianeGuerrero, #orangeisthenewblack, #spanishfood, #vegan, #coldsoup, #healthy

Prepare Posters for Trade Shows or Sales Presentations 

If your company participates in trade shows, you have a new tool to bring people into your booth. The most common concern with brands at trade shows is bringing potential clients into the booth. Nothing works better than big celebrity photos to start a conversation with a potential new customer! 

If your sales staff have meetings with buyers you can also use these pictures to show how your brand is trending with celebrities. Remember that store owners are looking to purchase brands that sell and nothing sells like a product trending with celebrities.

Show your Employees and Investors 

Don’t forget that building your brand starts with proud employees and satisfied investors. Put these photos in your company newsletter. Show them at team meetings or even board meetings.  Celebrity photos show potential sales growth. Let people know your marketing has a new weapon moving forward.

Contact the Press 

If you want press about your product nothing is easier than giving the press a story with pictures and quotes from celebrities.  The story practically writes itself. Your brand is hot. Celebrities are using it. Celebrities have good things to say about it. Your brand is the hot new item!


When you finish the gift suite you should have a large collection of raw assets to build your marketing program. Take the time to prepare and then execute on multiple fronts.  Successful execution of these tips will make your brand building tremendously easier.

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