How Often to Attend a Gift Suite

Now that your brand knows how to prepare, manage and follow-up on a gift suite, the last question is: How often?

No Simple Answer

We have some brands that only work with us once ever few years. We have other brands who have done over 100 events with us in 13 years. What is the best answer for your brand depends upon your budget and your needs. 

How Often do You Launch New Products? 

If you have new products once per year then you should probably do a gift suite at that pace. If you have new products every three months then you should probably do as many suites as you can afford.

What is the Minimum? 

In our opinion, once a year should be your minimum even if your products have not changed at all. You will need fresh pictures of celebrities with current hair styles, color etc. The celebrities are always changing and you should be constantly building your collection of photos and quotes.

Is there a Maximum? 

There is no real maximum to the frequency of gift suites you could attend. Of course, if you are doing them every week you will start to see all the same celebrities and gain little value in taking pictures of someone every week.  


When planning your annual budget, you should allocate time for the correct amount of gift suites for your brand. Make sure to keep in mind product launches and peak seasons for sales. 

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