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The goal of product placement is to build celebrity association to a brand. If a person likes a celebrity and a celebrity likes your brand, then the person will like your brand. The power of celebrity association has been seen since the dawn of mass media. People would watch a movie and then rush out to stores to buy the same sunglasses, clothing or shoes as the stars of their favorite movies. Stores were getting rushed by crazed shoppers and would almost instantly sell out of items from television or movies. Store managers had a name for this phenomenon, “Fanatical Shopping”. The people who rushed the stores were considered “fanatics”. This is the origin of the commonly used term “fan” which we currently use to describe followers of celebrities.

How Do I Get My Brand Noticed?

Social media, SEO, web marketing- these are all now mandatory marketing aspects, but it is very difficult to break out from the crowd with these. Find out how you can separate from your competitors with Product Placement.

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Placement Directory connects the top TV and Movie studios with brands of all types.

Product Placement Works

Product Placement is the single fastest growing form of marketing today, and is on the rise. Brands that are mastering how to capitalize on getting their brands placed are seeing massive growth in sales and product reputation.

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