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Placement Directory is the leading service provider to help you get your product in movies, television shows and directly into the hands of celebrities/influencers.

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This type of association is the single best way to build your brand and obtain more customers. 


You are in business to make money. Branding and marketing are key elements for any successful company. Associating your product with films, TV shows, celebrities and influencers is the best way to build your brand.


Some companies do well with just listing in the directory. Others just want influencers. Yet others are looking to get pictures with celebrities holding their products. You can choose any combination for your brand.


When it comes to product placement on TV shows, movies or directly with celebrities we lead the industry. Nobody has done more with products. We also lead the industry in follow-up with classes on how to maximize ROI.

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Our Approach

We are brand focused. We want each brand to spend the least amount of money and get the maximum return on investment.

We work with multi-national brands with thousands of employees and new startups with only a single person. On any day of the week we can schedule a call to discuss your brand goals and help craft a strategy.  We also can give advice on how the best brand managers from other companies have built their brands and experienced explosive sales.  We know what works and what doesn’t after 12 years in the business. We can share our experience and what we have learned in the industry to help your brand.

What we offer

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TV and Film Placement

Get your product listed in our directory for direct access by the top film and TV studios.

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Direct to Celebrity Events

Get photos of celebrities holding and using your products. Meet them in person!

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Influencer Contacts

Social media is changing the world. Influencers can raise awareness and sales of your product. 

TV Shows & Films
Celeb Events

We've learned from the best in the business and we share it with our clients.

Over the last 12 years we have learned from many of our brands. We’ve helped small companies grow and watched big companies fight for marketshare. They do it all with our product placement and they’ve shared their secrets.  We took the lessons of 12 years and more than 800 brands to make our master class. It is an ultra condensed summary of knowledge that will teach you more about brand building with product placement than most universities. Best of all…IT IS FREE.

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