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If you are reading this your company is close to adding the single most important part of your marketing mix. Product Placement through celebrity association is the most powerful way to build your brand and nobody does it better than Placement Directory.

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Many times a film or show is looking for products to fill out their set and wardrobe. All they want from you are product donations. We work with dozens of shows doing this with our directory.

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The “placement” is not as important as the “association”. Everything in the product placement industry is based around celebrity association with a goal toward SALES. Celebrity association comes from the the transitive property of equality. Simply put; If a celebrity likes your product then fans of that celebrity will tend to like your product. This works for new customers but it works for so much more. It works with your wholesale buyers, visitors to your trade show booth or any sales presentation. It gives the press a reason to feature your brand in “what’s hot” articles. It boosts morale in your company and motivates investors to invest in your company.

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