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Placement Directory has a focus to help brand managers connect with production companies, studios and directly with celebrities.  The goal is to boost exposure and then leverage that exposure to increase sales. Everything is about sales. Building a buzz with the press in magazines, television and online builds trust and increases potential customers willingness to try a product. It increases your wholesale buyer to place larger orders. It increases the likelihood of your exiting customers to spread the word about your products. This is all celebrity association. We are the leading company in the world for placing your products on television shows, films and directly with celebrities. These are all forms of product placement and the resulting form of celebrity association is the single best way to build a brand in western culture for the last 150 years!

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The goal of product placement is to build celebrity association to a brand and in turn convert that into sales.  If a person likes a celebrity and a celebrity likes your brand, then the person will like your brand. The power of celebrity association has been seen since the dawn of mass media. People would watch a movie and then rush out to stores to buy the same sunglasses, clothing or shoes as the stars of their favorite movies. Stores were getting rushed by crazed shoppers and would almost instantly sell out of items from television or movies. Store managers had a name for this phenomenon, “Fanatical Shopping”. The people who rushed the stores were considered “fanatics”. This is the origin of the commonly used term “fan” which we currently use to describe followers of celebrities.

How Do I Get My Brand Noticed?

While it once was enough to just have your products appear on TV and then see a bump in sales it isn’t the case nowadays.  Getting shown on film or television show used the be the end goal. Now it is the starting point.  The best brand managers in the business know how to leverage a product being on TV or in film even without the product logo being shown or the product even being used in a scene. In fact, over 95% of products placement items will not show a logo or mention a brand name. The skill of the brand manager after the placement is where the value is realized.

Get on TV and Movies

Placement Directory connects the top TV and Movie studios with brands, services and locations of all types.

Product Placement Works

Product Placement is the single fastest growing form of marketing today, and is on the rise. Brands that are mastering how to capitalize on getting their brands placed are seeing massive growth in sales and product reputation.

Big Bang Theory with our client Nuna’s stroller.


We placed hundreds of products on Dancing with the Stars. Samsung TV’s are shown here.


We love working with Marvel. Here is Tony Stark using a Blendtec blender in Avengers.


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What Is Product Placement and Why Your Brand Should Use It in 2018!

Product Placement is the act of inclusion or association of any brand, service or location with an appearance within a TV, movie, or similar production. Product Placement is also referred to as embedded marketing or brand integration and is a proven and important part of brand marketing. Product Placement is often considered a derivative of celebrity endorsements.


Why a Brand Should Use Organic Product Placement

Product Placement, otherwise known as “Embedded Marketing” or “Product Integration” is a rapidly growing form of advertising that is expanding because of the advent of the “skip generation”. Spending on product placement in the USA alone was $34.53 Billion in 2014, which marked a 7.3% increase from the previous year. The single greatest factor for this is the increased used of ad-skipping technologies and on-demand entertainment. With the exception of the Super Bowl, intermittent advertisements are providing a decreasing ROI, while so-called organic product placement is integrating brands directly into the entertainment constructs.

Traditional product placement, which has dominated the market in the last few decades consisted of obvious brand mention, which correlated into a fee paid by the brand to the TV or movie studio. The type of product placement exists as a sort of high-end branding and very effective form of alternative advertising to traditional commercials. However, in an effort to curb production costs and production time in an ever increasingly cluttered entertainment industry, studios are rapidly adopting “organic product placement”. This allows a studio to list all of the items that they need for a particular TV episode, for example, and seek out brands to fulfill those needs.

While organic product placement doesn’t guarantee the blatant representation of a brand within a TV episode, movie, etc., it does provide for an association with that show or movie, allowing for a substantial boost of brand awareness and validity without the cost of paid, full product placement. Organic placement is of extremely high value when in the hands of a skilled brand manager. Leveraging screen shots in business presentations, distributor meetings and even with the press can result in dramatic increase in sales for a business.

 What Are The Different Types of Product Placement?

The term “Product Placement” is a general term for the appearance of a product on a television show, movie, music video or even a mention in a novel. The industry does not have a set definition for product placement yet it is generally viewed in its more traditional form which consists of a very implicit representation of the brand within some form of entertainment.

Some industry professionals will use different terms depending upon how much screen time a product receives or whether or not the brand is mentioned or the logo is shown. This can be referred to as the high-end placement, and often referred to as “brand integration” or “integrated marketing” and typically comes with a significant fee. Within this paid product placement, and based on the contract between the brand and the studio, the brand might just be clearly visible, a step up would be to actually be used, and the top end of the spectrum is that the brand is specifically talked about.

All of the above embody the more traditional forms of product placement, which is experience considerable growth as a more effective form of marketing as opposed to intermittent commercials. However, the fastest growing segment of product placement is “organic product placement”. This is being increasingly used by major brands that want to expand the reach of branded entertainment spending into more markets and demographics, and even more so by brands that simply don’t have the advertising budgets of major brands, but still want to enjoy the benefits of product placement.

Organic product placement is being driven by the ever-increasing costs of studios to product entertainment, and the very competitive entertainment market, specifically the increase in available programming options for consumers, and on-demand viewing options such as Netflix. How it works is simple: a studio creates a complete list of all of the items needed for a particular episode, movie, etc. They then reach out to brands to fulfill all of those products that they need. There is no compensation involved either way, but both benefit with the association.

Brands will enjoy a specific benefit of integrating their brand organically into a production by associating their brand with the particular TV show or movie. The initial return of promoting the brand instantly to the end-user is at a minimum but the marketing potential is extremely valuable when a brand manager collects multiple instances of organic placement and uses it to influence both wholesale and retail buyers.

Reasons To Use Product Placement

  1. Celebrity / Entertainment association (product placement being the major source) is the most effective form of trust building for a brand.
  2. Highest ROI of any method of brand marketing.
  3. Lower cost than most any form of brand building.
  4. Staying power – the entertainment vehicle that is used for product placement stay in the consciousness of consumers longer than traditional advertising methods.
  5. Doubles the consumer purchase intent and positive view of a brand.

Product Placement can be implement by almost any brand, but there are many myths that don’t line up with reality. A brand from a company of almost any size or type can utilize product placement. How is that? Isn’t product placement only for the major, giant brands that pay buckets of money to be used in major motion pictures? Not at all… the truth is that movie and TV studios are scrambling to find products to fill their production needs. Plus, there is a service called The Placement Directory that connects the top movie and TV studios with all sorts of brands. It is purely a small annual fee… not a fee for each placement.

Product Placement Facts

  • Movie and TV studios are now completely saturated with competition. There are more channels and on-demand services than ever. Profit margins are very small. So, these studios are desperately looking for products to fill their production needs. Fact: Product Placement comes in many forms, including providing products for the majority of scenes that you see.
  • Product Placement is a form of content marketing that provides instant credibility to a brand. Fact: Product Placement is the single most effective form of raising the reputation of a brand.
  • With the explosion of shows both on cable and on-demand services, studios no longer can afford to simply go out and buy all of the products that then need for every scene. Fact: There is a huge demand for all sorts of daily use products.
  • When a brand is used in a TV or movie, it is there forever. It is not a social media post that dwindles after a day, or a wasted outbound marketing effort. Fact: The association that is made by a brand with a movie or TV production is forever.
  • The Placement Directory is a service that connects the top TV and Movie studios to brands from all over the world. There is no per-placement fee. It is a simple directory and search tool that studios use to fill their production needs, and is available for a small annual fee. Fact: Product Placement is right for almost any brand.

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