Info for Productions

We can get anything.

Your production should be getting paid or getting product donations for every item of set decoration and wardrobe. We have a full set of services for everything you need to make a television show or feature film (except the actors).

product placement

A Better Way of Doing Business

We do rep hundreds of brands but we also go out and find anything you need. We call brands directory and call other agencies. If you need it….we will get it.


Our leadership has been doing this for over 10 years. Working with huge films from Marvel and small productions like influencer videos.


We work with huge brands like Samsung, HP and Reebok but also hundreds of small brands to fill all the needs of your production.

It's Free

We can find donated products for your production for free. 100% fee. We charge a small fee to the brands to cover our costs.

It's Paid

We do have small fees for paid product integrations but in the end we don’t get paid unless you get paid.  We like getting you paid!

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