Direct to Celebrity Gift Suites

Nothing beats a great picture of a celebrity holding your product so why not hand it to them yourself?

Countdown to the next celebrity gift suite: Awards Season (Oscars, Golden Globes etc)


The Industry Leader

We have managed 111 gift suites over the past 12 years. No other company has ever managed half that amount.  The industry is like the wild west with pop-up companies promising the world and not delivering. We are are far and way the industry leader because of our pioneering business polices and track record of delivering on our promises.

  • We were the first and only company who requires a celebrity to take a photo to get a product.
  • We do not ship products to celebs or give them to managers. The celeb must be present and take a photo.
  • We do not gift managers or friends of the celebs. Only celebs get products.
  • We are the leading company that gifts the major brands like; Apple, Reebok, Samsung, Prada etc.
  • We refuse to get involved with “in the bag” promotions where brands send a bunch of products to be given away to “nominees and presenters” at awards shows. There is no evidence in the last 50 years of any of these resulting in any value to a brand. 
  • We have organized the World’s Largest Gift Suite, 106 brands. 
  • We organized the largest value gift suite honoring each of the major awards shows: Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, Grammys, Oscars and Emmys.
  • We organized the largest backstage gift suite for a television show: Dancing with the Stars season 10

Examples of our Brand Experience

Repeat Customers

With all of the empty promises from other gift suite companies we operate in an industry of distrust. The industry average repeat client rate is about 8%-10%.  Over the last 12 years we have averaged 96%.  We’ve had dozens of brands come to us after a negative experience with another gift suite company.  We have NEVER had a brand leave us to go to another gift suite company.

Happy Celebrities

We work with fun brands and give celebrities great products. When you give celebrities low quality products they don’t want to take pictures and they won’t come back. We work to plan great events with new and highly desired products. It works for everyone when both celebrities and brand managers are happy.

We Will Help You Succeed

Over the years we have worked with over 800 brands and learned a tremendous amount about how they prepare, manage and follow-up after a gift suite. We have seen what works best and put it down in a six part gift suite pro blog.

The blog posts are short but full of extremely valuable information. In just a few moments you can turn your first time gift suite into a massively successful marketing campaign with unbelievable ROI.