Film and Television Placement

Having your product appear on a television show or in a movie can be the single biggest marketing boost you ever dreamed possible.

Steps to Get On the Air

Create a Listing

Sign-up and add your company name, pictures of your product and links to your web page and social media accounts.

Studios Usage

The television and film studios search the listings like the yellow pages to find products for their films and tv shows.

Direct Contact

When a studio wants your product they contact you directly and you decide to ship it or not. There is no product placement fee. Just send the product.

On The Air

The production crew will normally tell you when to watch for your product on the air. Tell everyone to watch and get ready for marketing your hot product.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The only charge is for the listing. You can have an unlimited amount of placements on televisions shows and movies.  Remember that we are a yellow pages style service where you have a listing.

The directory is private and only production companies and studios can view the brands. For a short time we allowed brands to see each other and it caused a number of complaints from brands getting bombarded with phone calls from other companies and even our competitors. 

Just like a paper yellow pages you only know when they call. They rarely tell us in advance or even when they contact you. Your listing will have your direct phone number and email so studios can reach you when they want to discuss a placement.

It depends. Most of the time you donate product to the show and never get it back. That is usually a good thing because it could get used more than once. But if is something very expensive and you want it back it is important to make that clear with the production company before sending.  They will send it back if you arrange the product’s return BEFORE shipping it to the set.

You have to donate it. Studios are used to companies paying them thousands or even millions of dollars for products to appear on their shows. With our directory you can get your product on these same shows simply by making a donation.

That is a complicated answer, but the short answer is: no.  When you send a product it is because the studio intends to use it during filming. During production any number of things could happen from the scene being cut, changes in camera angles or rewriting of the script.  If you want it to be guaranteed you need to do a product integration contract with the studio. These cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.  If you want to go for a strict guarantee then paying is the way to go. In our experience it is rare that your product will not appear on the air, so it is a safe bet to send it.

A Few Examples of our Placements

Product Placement
Product Placement